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What is a 'Link wheel' and what does it do?

One of the most talked about modern SEO concepts are Link Wheels and there is a lot of scope and future that they hold. Experts are unanimous in agreeing that various facets of link wheels are going to be explored in the next few months and in the next year or so, link wheels are going to become a mainstay of search engine optimization processes.

Link Wheels, simply put, are a wheel of websites which has a unique system of linking; and there are various purposes it serves. The properties on which the sites will be hosted are all high PR sites – including most of the popular web 2.0 sites that are all the rage today. Each property will host one blog / site and there will be unique content written for each property. The keywords you’d like your website to respond to in SERPs will be woven into the content organically, and two to three of the keywords will be linked systematically. One keyword would lead back to the main site you wish to promote, and the other keyword would link to the next site in the wheel. If you close your eyes and imagine a bicycle tire with 25 spokes, you will get the picture. The axle in the middle is your site, and all the different spokes are the different incoming links from the 25 properties you ordered as part of the link wheel. Since each of them also links to the next one in the order, the outer wheel also is complete.

That sounds so simple, why can't I do it myself?

While building a Link Wheels is something that you can do yourself, if you lack the time or desire, we can have one built for you. Though it might sound very simple, there is a lot of work that goes into it, and that is why the job is best left to us. For instance, the IP address from which the link wheel is being made cannot be classified as spam, or all the sites will be banned at one shot! Then there is the matter of keyword rich unique content. When an expert is asked to make a link wheel, he will put up the right kind of keywords in the right order so that you get maximum benefit out of the effort. If you’ve understood the basic process, you would have realized that there are a lot of things one link wheel is accomplishing. It is sending in high quality one way links, it has unique well written content which talks about your business obliquely, and since it is made on high PR properties, gives an almost instant (and long term) boost to your ranking in the SERPs.

What do I get with my Link wheel?

This calls for a foot long list of things that we offer in a link wheel but we will try our best not to bore you.

We start by writing an unique and original article of 400 to 500 words. We have worked with our content writers for over 3 years and can guarantee the highest quality. These articles are rewritten many times to make them unique so that the search engines don't cry "Spam!".These articles are used for submissions across all the major authoritative web 2.0 sites as illustrated below:

Web 2.0 Blogs with a unique article, a video and photos!

(Articles are Copyscape passed, unique, includes your keywords, links to your main site)

 1. - Wordpress (Pagerank 9, Alexa 12)

2. - Vox (Pagerank 9, Alexa 1,724)

3. - Blogger (Pagerank 8, Alexa 8)

4. - Live.Journal (Pagerank 8, Alexa 89)

5. - Weebly (Pagerank 8, Alexa 819)

6. - Jimdo (Pagerank 7, Alexa 3382)

7. - Webs (Pagerank 7, Alexa 396)

8. - Multiply (Pagerank 7, Alexa 167)

9. - Wetpaint (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2041)

10. - Tumblr (Pagerank 7, Alexa 477)

11. - Squidoo (Pagerank 6, Alexa 523)

12. - Hubpages (Pagerank 6, Alexa 504)

13. - Zimbio (Pagerank 6, Alexa 528)

14. - Blinkweb (Pagerank 4, Alexa 41159)

 Extra Posts on:

15. - Google Sites (Pagerank 8, Alexa 1)

16. - Live Spaces (Pagerank 7, Alexa 4)

17. - Gather (Pagerank 6, Alexa 8742)

18. - Easy Journal (Pagerank 5, Alexa 10299)

Every Web 2.0 site will have a different article and will be linked as follows:

1. Link to your main site

2. Link to one of the Web 2.0 pages

3. Another link to one of the Web 2.0 pages

RSS Feed Directories

(Every single Web 2.0 blog has a RSS Feed)

 Bloglines NewsGator Technorati

MyYahoo FeedBurner Boing Boing

MoreOver BlogPulse

Cocolog-Nifty BlogRolling Feedagg

Weblogs IceRocket BlogCatalog

BlogTopList Pingomatic BlogCritics

Thingamablog Weblogalot Weblogs

BlogPeople Blogdex BlogDigger

BlogBot CoreBlog

PubSub Syndic8 Newisfree

RootBlog SnipSnap Yenra

BlogRoots BlogSnow CataPings

Complete RSS Feedplex Feeds4All

FeedsFarm NewsIsFree Blogorama

Pressradar Bitacoles

Amagle Blogoole Feed24

NewzFire BlogBuzzMachine PopDex

ImBlogs MyBlog LaserMemory

There will be 57 RSS Feed URL’s (including your main site) to submit. Take a look at the list of the Web 2.0 Directories from until Blinkweb, these are blogs/landing pages with a RSS

Feed. Example:



Such URL’s will be manually submitted to every single RSS Directory.

EVERY SINGLE Web 2.0 RSS Feed --> 57 Submissions to very powerful RSS Directories!!

Video Directories

1. Youtube (Pagerank 9, Alexa 3)

2. FaceBook (Pagerank 9, Alexa 5)

3. Vimeo (Pagerank 8, Alexa 543)

4. Photobucket (Pagerank 8, Alexa 38)

5. Dailymotion (Pagerank 7, Alexa 68)

6. Blip (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2650)

7. Yahoo (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2)

7. MySpace (Pagerank 9, Alexa 16)

9. Viddler (Pagerank 6, Alexa 3192)

10. MotionBox (Pagerank 6, Alexa 17611)

11. Sclipo (Pagerank 5, Alexa 61636)

12. Flickr (Pagerank 9, Alexa 33)

13. Howcast (Pagerank 4, Alexa 13171)

We'll create a short video of 30 sec. The description of the video, will carry the link to the main site.

This is just to gain a back link. The same video will be posted on the Web 2.0 sites.

Article Directories

A fresh new unique article will be used on the following article directories:

 1. - (Pagerank 6, Alexa 203)

2. - GoArticles (Pagerank 5, Alexa 5294)

3. - Buzzle (Pagerank 5, Alexa 531)

4. - Article Dashboard (Pagerank 5, Alexa 7413)

5. - Article City (Pagerank 5, Alexa 19664)

6. - Carolina Articles(Pagerank 5, Alexa 21748)

Every single article directory will use an unique article. It could take a while before the articles are approved. That is just the nature of these article directories.

How do I order?

You can order by entering your website/money page's URL into the field below. Please be sure to add one Primary keyword and secondary keyword for each order. Once the order details are entered in the form below, you can proceed to make a payment.

LW Options
Your Website URL
Primary & Secondary keywords


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